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One word ... Trump. Now that that is over ... Gawdwin get started on the Kickstarting.

People keeping pointing out to me that I haven't updated this shiz in a while and they're right. There's a reason .. several of them. The most visible being this:


I fell down the fucking rabbit hole that is Guild Wars 2 (feck you Mage).


While recovering from that I figured I'd do some research into the elections. Numerous debates ensued (ha see what I did there!?) in which I proved many people wrong multiple times (Sumboodee is still in denial about it) and acted out my inner political SJW but it's time to move on. Damn kiwi.

Now that I am done correcting people that are wrong on the internet like it is some kind of full time job and the hairy fat suit of marmalade is the pres-elect, back to focusing on VI.


PUGWASH and BLACKHAND channels are on temporary hiatus....