Verucas Illusion

A social gaming community to house any and all!

Veruca's Illusion isn't your standard divisional gaming community.

We play a lot of different games. Some we take seriously, some we dont, some we spend of lot of time playing, others we dont. Our friendships are similar in scope. Our online personas carry over from game to game. Friendships too if the same games are being played.

Here we want to combine all of this into one community. The socially interactive mentality of our online personas. The meta game of influence. The ability to sway and mold and change as our games and friends do. Realizing that we may even have the power to change others either through sweetness and charm or overbearing personality or even the respectable malevolence that brings power through hate or the propogation of fear.

In Veruca's Illusion we crave and adore characters above all else. Have a lisp? Come join us. Want to pretend to have a lisp? come join us. Gay Republican Mexican that lispily screams in rage with every gaming death? Please for the...