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By Blink Ensu on Jul 21, 2016 at 8:44 PM
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    Veruca's Illusion isn't your standard divisional gaming community.

    We play a lot of different games. Some we take seriously, some we dont, some we spend of lot of time playing, others we dont. Our friendships are similar in scope. Our online personas carry over from game to game. Friendships too if the same games are being played.

    Here we want to combine all of this into one community. The socially interactive mentality of our online personas. The meta game of influence. The ability to sway and mold and change as our games and friends do. Realizing that we may even have the power to change others either through sweetness and charm or overbearing personality or even the respectable malevolence that brings power through hate or the propogation of fear.

    In Veruca's Illusion we crave and adore characters above all else. Have a lisp? Come join us. Want to pretend to have a lisp? come join us. Gay Republican Mexican that lispily screams in rage with every gaming death? Please for the love of all things come join us.

    Whether you love puppies or just choking them you can find a home here.

    -You can go up the ranks of the good and pious to reach the Embodiment of Light in #PUGWASH. Join channels of like minded individuals that only the good have access to. Play yourself or an online persona to your limits.

    -Similarly you can also go up the ranks of the horrible and hated to reach Evil Incarnate in #BLACKHAND. Join channels of like minded individuals that only the downright loathed have access to. Whether you get there as yourself or an online persona. No one knows.

    -Keep in mind that you will never be truly safe in any of the social channels. People may spend years in an online persona playing the meta game and rising up the ranks of either faction. Only to gain access to followers and elevate them or subvert them to the opposing side.

    There will be games. there will be fun ... without either there is no reason to be here so lets keep in mind the limitations. No real life effects. No illegal activity is being condoned. If you joined us to stalk someone you will be banned. If you DDoS or hack you will be banned. If you DOX you will be banned. Want to get close to some females and send them dick pics? buh bye. If you do anything negative to anyone in real life as a result of what happens here you will not stay here. No exceptions, no ifs, 0 tolerance and no forgiveness.

    With that being said.... get your ass into the Teamspeak and meet our characters. I guarantee you will be both fascinated and appalled, maybe even simultaneously.
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Discussion in 'Front Page' started by Blink Ensu, Jul 21, 2016.

    1. Blink Ensu
      Blink Ensu
      As of right now this is 100% a work in progress. We have a TS and we have forums but that's it for now. their integration and implementations are still pending.
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    2. pavlovaface
    3. Kimberk
      Ah yes good excellent.

      +1 for all the humorous inside jokes that some may or may not get. :D
    4. pavlovaface
      +1 active and engaging
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    5. Blink Ensu
      Blink Ensu
      I hate you, DIAF
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    6. Blink Ensu
      Blink Ensu
      I fully expect this community to be mostly #BLACKHAND and pretty much banned everywhere.

      Anyone that makes it up the ranks of the #PUGWASH faction deserves some notoriety though. It's difficult to get gamers to show up on forums and do anything but complain.
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    7. Oldsmobile
      Watch me. *I want to be the very best, like no one ever was*
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    8. Woju
      -1 cant have my signature with picture that has name of this clan :< +1 for website -1 for officer icon on teamspeak + over 9 thousand for the people that joined blaze 4/20 for 7
    9. Woju
      Can we have skyforge division if yes could i have premissions to create posts
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